Monday, January 11, 2010

List of Churches attacked

(Updates: 21-1-10 :- 8 men were arrested in connection with the arson of Metro Tabernacle Church. 1 man sought medical treatment in hospital for burn wounds on chest, face and hand and police arrested him. He led them to the other 7 men, another had burns as well.  God has punished them.)

More churches attacked.  Arsonists attacks by molotov cocktails.

List of churches affected:

Friday - 8.1.10
1.  Metro Tabernacle, KL       - Arson/ground floor badly burnt                 
2.  Assumption Catholic Church, PJ       - Attempted arson
3.  Life Chapel, PJ                                  -  Attempted arson      

Saturday - 9.1.10
4.  All Saints Church, Taiping      - Attempted arson/ slightly burnt staircase (122-year old oldest Anglican church)
5. St Louis Catholic church, Taiping      - Attempted arson
5.  SMK Convent (sec school), Taiping - Attempted arson/guardhouse window shattered.    
6.  Malacca Baptist church                     - Black paint on wall

Sunday - 10.1.10
7.  Good Shepherd Church in Lutong, Miri, Sarawak    - Vandalism (2 broken windows)
8.  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Jln Othman, PJ - Attempted arson/scorched marks
9.  The Dwelling Place church, Rawang - theft /equipment, guitars, air-conds stolen

Monday - 11.1.10
10.  Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB), Seremban    -  Arson/Entrance door burnt.

Thursday - 14.1.10
11.  St Elizabeth Catholic Church, Johor  - splashed with red paint
12.  Fernandez and Selvarajah law firm (representing the Catholic church in the Herald case) - office broken into, theft.
Ref: The Star newspaper

Saturday - 16.1.10
13.  Grace Global Prayer Church, Seremban - 2 window panes broken   (Read:The Star news)

Law firm - break in and theft.

St Elizabeth Catholic church, Johor.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, PJ

SIB, Seremban