Sunday, August 23, 2009

Andy Lau, Carol Zhu's father funeral pictures - 22Aug 09.

Some pics about who is Andy and Carol.
Carol Zhu, Andy Lau's woman!!

Andy and Carol - in their younger days. (Andy 174cm, Birthday 27.9.61, Given Birthname is Lau Fook Wing).

Carol at Andy's concert Jan 08.

From Gloria Joy to Andy Lau's fans, the photos at the funeral are taken by me after spending more than 3 hours there. It was worth it as I am a fan. Moreover, so near, why not have fun and feel some excitement in my mundane life, plus most importantly the daughter was available to accompany me and we could both have fun together. (BTW Never been so happy at a funeral.)

To: Sis Linda, wish you were here; just like when we were young and went chasing after Chow Yuen Fatt and Michelle Mei Suet from Hongkong. Then we were right behind them literally breathing down their necks ! These pics are especially for you.

After seeing the news on TV I can confirm the woman I saw walking behind the hearse (on the left) and holding a prayer bead in her left hand was Carol's sister. She was wearing a mask at the cemetery site while the coffin is being buried. Here no umbrellas shield the family.) So my own conclusion was Andy Lau was not walking behind the hearse at all! I think they are not married because no children.

I asked the photographer from American Chinese TV and he said he saw Andy on his first day here - it was his 3rd day now. Some people saw Andy when the family was doing all the last rites this morning. A white Toyota (maybe Lexus or Estima type - I am not sure of the model) had the back passenger windows heavily tinted - maybe this is the car Andy travels in when he is in KL. Also a Black Mercedes with Singapore Registration 9188 followed the funeral procession. Could it be (a wild guess by me) Andy's sister who long time ago was married to a Singaporean? Inside the back was 2 women, in front passenger a man and a driver.

Andy Lau's "love-nest" in K.L.Side view of the 3-storey house, they own 3 houses in a row, so a lot of living space.

Back view of the 3 houses. A few million ringgit.

Police near the house while traffic police were stationed near the main road by the AFC building.

Portable toilets - blue door (male); red door (female). The toilets must be stinking after I saw the reaction of one woman who opened the door and then didnt go in. After 4 days definitely must be stinking.

Photographers taking our picture the minute we arrived at the scene. So I took their picture.

NTV7 crew, 8TV, TV2 were there.

Reporters, photogs, both local and foreign - from HK, also one from American Chinese TV. (Nosy aunty asked him, and he said in America got a lot of Andy's fans too).

The musicians leading the cortege.

Close up for those who read chinese. What the chinese words means?

Shooing away everyone who holds a camera, even us, shouting: dont take pictures!

Photo below from Guang Ming newspaper. This is the best view taken from the garden of Andy's neighbour - the house beside his but separated by the road. The photographer and us sneaked in past the guard barrier when the chaos started and the guards were too busy. 

Hong Kong reporters chasing after the cortege. They were the most persistent and daring and take their job seriously,

More photos and funeral videos in previous day's post.
More pics: Guang Ming online (chinese)

Will be posting more pics tomorrow.

Update 10 May 2012 - Thursday
Andy Lau finally became a father at 50 years old. His baby daughter was  named Lau Xiang Hui in the birth certificate.  This name according to the fortune tellers will bring luck to the mother. The other name originally chosen which was  Lau Yun Shan purportedly brings luck to the father. Andy wants to have a second child, so his wife needs all the luck to bear another pregnancy.
His 46 year old wife gave birth to a daughter weighing 6 lbs (2.72 kg)  on the night of Tuesday, 9th May. Astrological sign under Taurus. Chinese zodiac year Dragon.  He's in a happy mood.  
For curiosity's sake, here are Andy Lau's hands. Does his palm prints shows a successful man I wonder.  Does it shows a man who bans his wife from sharing his public life.
This photo was taken on March 27, 2005.  As you can see he was wearing a "wedding" ring.
Nice smooth hands, long slim fingers.

Reporters staking out at the hospital in HK.
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Update 20 June 2012
Andy and family will be moving down to reside in Kuala Lumpur soon. Carol and baby will be based in KL while Andy will travel between the two countries. His work base continues to be in Hong Kong but will stay in KL when he is not working.  So its a long distance marriage and the only logical and best arrangement in the interest of their baby and new motherhood.

Good luck!